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How to turn your story into an inspiring book that creates impact and naturally attracts your best clients

By realising that your past is actually a part of your destiny, you give yourself permission to write your soul story in order to inspire those that need to heal and embark on their own soul mission.

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Thu 18th November - 2:00 PM UK time

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Here's What You'll Discover On This FREE Masterclass:

How to write authentically from your heart instead of following cookie-cutter templates

As an award winning author she works with clients in a person centred style, with the focus on the client's unique strengths and angle of their message.

A simple exercise to know your ideal reader inside out and instantly bond with them

Sam specialises in memoir, self-help and spirituality genres helping to create the most inspirational version of your story possible.

How to have a mindset that allows a rich, effortless flow of your thoughts onto the paper

People are happier when they are

connected to their life's true purpose and aligned with their mission.

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When you have a bigger purpose to align with and step into - Samantha Houghton can help. Award-winning author, multi published ghostwriter and inspirational mentor.


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Ganesh Makam

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FREE Masterclass Reveals 

How to turn your story into an inspiring book that creates impact and naturally attracts your best clients

Online Event:

Thu 18th Nov 2021

2:00 PM UK time

£ 197 FREE

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